An Ounce of Prevention

by RR&A

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What is an Indemnity?

Top 10 Must Haves For Your MSA

What's in Your Indemnity Provision?

Should My MSA Indemnify Against Gross Negligence or Willful Misconduct

Representations and Warranties: Negotiating a Guarantee That Works Best For You

Capitalizing on Enhanced Oil Recovery in CCUS Projects

Credit Where Credit is Due: Tax Incentives under 45Q

How the Inflation Reduction Act is Incentivizing CCUS Development

Pore Space Ownership: Ensuring Texas’ Poorly Worded Case Law Doesn’t Leave You in the Poor House

Protecting Your Company in a Downturn Using Agreements You Already Have in Place

Force Majeure: We’ve Heard of it, but What Does it Actually Mean?

Royalty Disputes Driven by Courts’ Ever-Evolving Interpretations of Lease Language

Your Right to Audit, Is it Clear?

Complying With the WARN Act During Layoffs or Shutdowns

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm - Managing Your Land Needs

Why Using One Law Firm for Title Opinions and All Matters Makes Sense

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm -RR&A's Land and Title Qualifications

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm - How RR&A Personalizes Title Opinions to Our Clients' Needs

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm -
Title Opinions Serve Multiple Purposes

What is Dispute Management?

And How Can it Help Your Company

Dispute Management- Attorney-Client Privilege Best Practices

Dispute Management- Why Litigation Holds Should be a Standard Practice at Your Company

Dispute Management- How Preservation Notices are Used as a Dispute Management Tool

Dispute Management-
Know When to Hold ‘em, Know When to Fold ‘em

Corporate Tax Considerations

Learn how to file your corporate taxes and important reminders to do along the way.

Corporate Tax-
How to Mitigate and Legally Reduce State Corporate Taxes

Corporate Tax-
S Corp vs. C Corp Tax Election Topics

Corporate Tax-
QBI Deduction Options

Corporate Tax-
Shareholder Tax Options

Corporate Tax-
Tax Dividends and Distributions

Corporate Tax-
How to Coordinate Between Your CPA and Attorney

R. Reese & Associates-
What Can RR&A Do for You?

Learn how RR&A can bring value, insight, and service to your business.

R. Reese & Associates-
Four Misconceptions About Legal Services

And Why They Are Wrong

R. Reese & Associates-
The Triangle Model Explained

R. Reese & Associates-
Inside Tour of RR&A's New Website

R. Reese & Associates-
Get to Know the RR&A Team

Business Formation-
How to Form a Business Entity

Learn how to start your business with
RR&A’s Business Formation Questionnaire.

Business Formation-
What Type of Entity do I need?

Selecting the best type of company.

Business Formation-
Where to Form an Entity?

The best state to start your business.

Business Formation-
Do I Need to Consult a Tax Advisor?

Tax preparation for forming a business.

Business Formation-
Avoiding Deadlock

Why going 50/50 can hurt your business going down the road.

Business Formation-
Maintaining Good Standing

What do I need to do to stay in good standing?