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Uncovering Encumbrances: What Lies on the Surface for Renewable and Energy Transition Projects?

Make Sure You Have a Way Out: The Importance of Off-Take Infrastructure For Renewable and Energy Transition Projects

A Brave ReNEWable World: The Accommodation Doctrine and Renewable Energy Projects

Demand Letters (And Getting) Results

Claiming Your Share: Investor’s Playbook for Mineral Lease Enforcement

I Have My Minerals – Now Where are My Royalties?

If It Don't Make Dollars, It Don’t
Make Sense: Getting
Paid Royalties
after Acquiring a Mineral Property

What Did I Just Buy? Problem Spotting for Non-Operators under Inherited JOAs

Non-Op Litigation: Are You Being Dragged Along for the Ride?

JIB Audits for Non-Ops (Unlike IRS Audits, These Work in Your Favor)

What To Do as a Non-Operator When Your Operator Goes Bankrupt

Meet the New Boss
Same as the Old Boss – Diligence
of New Employment and Confidentiality Agreements

Do I Need a Contractor or a Consultant?
A Look at MSAs and CSAs

Master Service Agreements
(Emphasis on Service)

The Corporate Transparency Act is Here: All Business Owners Beware!

I’m a Beneficial Owner, What Information Do I Have to Report for the CTA?

Resources to Guide Your Company Through Initial CTA Filing

RR&A Can Also Do Licensing Agreements and ISDAs? Why Yes, We Can!

Oh Yeah, We Handle Those Too: Credit Agreements & Asset-Based Loans

Got a Dispute? RR&A Can Help: Demand Letters and Pre-Suit Mediation

Tell Us What You Want; What You Really, Really Want: JOAs and Saltwater Disposal Lease

Taking Stock of Your Agreed Transaction: Letter Agreements & Stock Purchase Agreements

Renewable Energy Is Hot, Hot, Hot: A Look At Solar and Geothermal

Happy Holidays From RR&A

Closing Out the Holidays: Wrap-Up Your Transactions by the End of Year

Tis the Season to Go for Broker

Tax-Mas Implications That Won’t Leave You a Scrooge

The Most Wonderful Transactional Time of the Year

New Year, New Portfolio: Key Considerations to Closing Your Transactions Before the Ball Drops

Terminating a Contract: I’ll Be Back?

Important Company Considerations in Contractor and Employee Termination

Managing Termination Tug-of-War Under an MSA

Trouble in PSA Paradise - How to Get Your Company Out of a Termination Bind

Not All Good Things Must Come to an End - Preventing Oil and Gas Lease Termination

What is an Indemnity?

Top 10 Must Haves For Your MSA

What's in Your Indemnity Provision?

Should My MSA Indemnify Against Gross Negligence or Willful Misconduct

Representations and Warranties: Negotiating a Guarantee That Works Best For You

Capitalizing on Enhanced Oil Recovery in CCUS Projects

Credit Where Credit is Due: Tax Incentives under 45Q

How the Inflation Reduction Act is Incentivizing CCUS Development

Pore Space Ownership: Ensuring Texas’ Poorly Worded Case Law Doesn’t Leave You in the Poor House

Protecting Your Company in a Downturn Using Agreements You Already Have in Place

Force Majeure: We’ve Heard of it, but What Does it Actually Mean?

Royalty Disputes Driven by Courts’ Ever-Evolving Interpretations of Lease Language

Your Right to Audit, Is it Clear?

Complying With the WARN Act During Layoffs or Shutdowns

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm:
Managing Your Land Needs

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm:
RR&A's Land and Title Qualifications

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm:
How RR&A Personalizes Title Opinions to Our Clients' Needs

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm:
Title Opinions Serve Multiple Purposes

What is Dispute Management?

Dispute Management:
Attorney-Client Privilege Best Practices

Dispute Management:
Why Litigation Holds Should be a Standard Practice at Your Company

Dispute Management:
How Preservation Notices are Used as a Dispute Management Tool

Dispute Management:
Know When to Hold ‘em, Know When to Fold ‘em

Corporate Tax Considerations

Learn how to file your corporate taxes and important reminders to do along the way.

Corporate Tax:
How to Mitigate and Legally Reduce State Corporate Taxes

Corporate Tax:
S Corp vs. C Corp Tax Election Topics

Corporate Tax:
QBI Deduction Options

Corporate Tax:
Shareholder Tax Options

Corporate Tax:
Tax Dividends and Distributions

Corporate Tax:
How to Coordinate Between Your CPA and Attorney

R. Reese & Associates:
What Can RR&A Do for You?

R. Reese & Associates:
Four Misconceptions About Legal Services

R. Reese & Associates:
The Triangle Model Explained

R. Reese & Associates:
Inside Tour of RR&A's New Website

R. Reese & Associates:
Get to Know the RR&A Team

Business Formation:
How to Form a Business Entity

Business Formation:
What Type of Entity do I need?

Business Formation:
Where to Form an Entity?

Business Formation:
Do I Need to Consult a Tax Advisor?

Business Formation:
Avoiding Deadlock

Business Formation:
Maintaining Good Standing

When your lawyer is not your lawyer: Attorney-client Privilege inside small companies

Acquisitions and divestitures in the oil and gas industry

Outsourced General Counsel Services

Clear your litigation docket with a comprehensive litigation review from RR&A

So you started a what?

You have been sued: a guide for handling new litigation

Best practices when declaring force majeure

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