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“RR&A prioritizes our needs and offers a personalized, attentive service that goes above and beyond what we could have hoped for.”
VP of Operations, Private E&P Company

The Land & Title team at RR&A brings decades of experience in all manner of land and title issues to the firm.  We are licensed to issue title opinions in seven states with experience in several others; our work has spanned from the Marcellus to the Permian to the Bakken with everything in between.  All of our team members have dedicated the bulk of their careers to title work, with foundational education and training that means you can trust us to have the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle even the most complicated of title issues.  We can handle any aspect of land work with you, including customized lease forms; lease negotiations; assignments and due diligence; royalty deduction review; rights-of-way, easements, and surface use agreements; regulatory work; and so much more.  If you’re buying, selling, accessing, leasing, or moving dirt – we’ve got you covered. 

RR&A's Land & Title Team Expertise

Custom Form Drafting

Farm-Out Agreements



Original, Supplemental, Division Order & Acquisition Title Opinions


Rights-of-Way & Easements

Saltwater Disposal Leases & Agreements

Surface & Subsurface Agreements

Title Examination & Opinions

Voluntary & Compulsory Pooling

Water Use & Sharing Agreements

RR&A's Land & Title Team

Land & Title Team News

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You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm

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Managing Your Land Needs

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm:
RR&A's Land and Title Qualifications

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm:
How RR&A Personalizes Title Opinions to Our Clients' Needs

You Don't Need a Separate Title Firm:
Title Opinions Serve Multiple Purposes

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