How RR&A Personalizes Title Opinions to Our Clients' Needs

Two of RR&A’s most important Core Values are Service and Value to our clients. We aren’t here to just take a runsheet that’s handed to us, churn out a basic, bare-bones title opinion, and send it back to you, never to be discussed again. Our title attorneys have the experience and breadth of knowledge to offer so much more; from the point you decide you need a title opinion until you complete your purpose, we are right by your side.

If you don’t know where to start, we have a roster of accomplished, reliable landmen we recommend to handle your title searches. We keep reviews efficient based on your goals, keeping an eye on what title coverage you really do (or really don’t) need. That may mean excluding surface or narrowing review to particularized depths; it may mean doing a precursory review of materials prior to drafting an opinion to spot any gaps in coverage or other issues. Our goal is not to charge you for unnecessary work or create additional issues. 

Although we have a standard title opinion template, we always ask our new title clients how we can personalize it to meet their specific preferences; we’ve even completely thrown the template out of the window where a different format better served our client. 

Our attorneys don’t see the issuance of a title opinion as the end of the road. While we do our best to solve problems before making requirements, we’re also here to work with you on drafting title documents, assignments, lease amendments, pooling orders, and other necessary curative materials. 

If you’re looking for assistance with your land and title needs, RR&A can help. Contact us today to get started.

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