Managing Your Land Needs

Why Using One Law Firm for Title Opinions and
All Other Matters Makes Sense

The goal of RR&A is to be a client’s one-stop shop for as many legal needs as possible. Our clients know they can come to us for anything from MSAs to PSAs and everything in between. If the point is to keep your legal services as efficient as possible, why not title work too? 

If our Transactions Team is handling the purchase of an asset for you, it makes sense for RR&A to do the title due diligence as well so that attorneys on each project can keep in seamless communication. If you ask us to work on a new renewables project, we can help you understand existing leasing and surface use and keep you apprised of mineral development which may hinder your purposes. Our title attorneys can assist with reviewing royalty claims and work with our Dispute Management Team to ensure you receive fair compensation, or ensure you pay proceeds accurately. RR&A may have separate practice area teams, but all three teams work together to offer one fluid, combined legal representation experience. You know you can count on our land experience to help you with leases, assignments, etc. – having us work on your title opinions is the logical next step. At RR&A, we are ready to advise and assist in all your land and title needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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