Triangle Model

What's the Deal With the Triangle Model?

Attorneys at RR&A are assigned to one of three positions, creating a structure designed to provide the strongest support system for you and your company throughout our relationship. We call them Builders, Maintainers, and Sustainers.

Our Builders begin your relationship with the firm, introducing why we’re the right fit for you. Maintainers dedicate their days to providing clients with the highest quality workflow and efficiencies on a day-to-day basis. Lastly, Sustainers are your main points of contact, providing the personal, one-on-one care, service, and trust you deserve.

What are the Benefits?

Using the Triangle Model, RR&A runs more like a business and less like a traditional law firm.  The Builders establish relationships, the Sustainers continue communication and trust, and the Maintainers undertake workflow.

Imagine that you just find out you are a high bidder on a deal and need the PSA signed in the next 48 hours. At a traditional law firm, how do you know which attorney can help you? At RR&A, your personal Sustainer is waiting for your call, ready to discuss all of your legal needs and ensure the right attorney is assigned to the task. With years of experience and knowledge under their belts, you can trust your Sustainer to always have your best interests in mind while managing your legal matters, freeing up your time to manage the rest of your business.

The Sides of the Triangle


Builders spend much of their time traveling to meet with clients and attending seminars, conferences, and events; they are the face of RR&A and your introduction to the firm.  As some of our most senior-level attorneys, they demonstrate the type of quality you can expect from choosing RR&A as your Outsourced Legal Department.

Meet Our Builders

Rachel Reese, Executive Partner

Andrew Clinton, Partner


Once you are onboarded as a client, you’re assigned a Sustainer. Their role is to continue to strengthen your relationship with RR&A by serving as your lead point of contact for all of your legal needs; think of them as your personal General Counsel. Each Sustainer has one to two Maintainers working with them to complete all matters.  When you need to connect with RR&A, your Sustainer is ready to hear from you.

Meet Our Sustainers

Jennifer Martin, Managing Partner

Matt Reynolds, Senior Counsel


The Maintainer’s role is to support the firm with day-to-day tasks and continue to develop their skills. Their job is to maintain client workflow, create efficiencies, and assist with all Sustainer needs.

Meet Our Maintainers

Miranda Caballero, Associate

Matt Dishong, Associate

Kaysha Spoon, Jr. Associate