We Don't Operate Like a Typical Law Firm

RR&A isn’t your “typical” law firm.  We believe every person is different. We strive to facilitate an environment where everyone thrives by doing work in which they both excel and enjoy.  That’s why the Triangle Model was developed.  The Triangle Model isn’t just useful for our clients but also benefits our attorneys. Whether you see yourself as a Builder, Sustainer, or Maintainer, there is a place for you to succeed at RR&A!

Available Positions

At this time, we are not actively hiring for any positions, but we are always looking for great people. If you would like to submit your resume, please email for more information. 

Core Values


At RR&A, we understand there’s life inside of work and life outside of work. We want our employees to be all-in and take time for themselves. That’s why RR&A has an open PTO policy.

RR&A offers health insurance and 401k with matching to all full-time employees. 

Clerkship Opportunities

At RR&A, our clerks have opportunities to utilize their education while gaining real-world experience.  Clerks are afforded hands-on opportunities while working side-by-side with experienced attorneys allowing them to gain valuable legal, business, and marketing skills.  If you are interested in joining our clerk program, please visit your law school’s job posting site to see if we have any open clerk positions.

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