RR&A's Story

With decades of experience in large firms and in-house practice, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that face companies in the energy, renewables, technology, finance, and commercial real estate industries and are able to develop custom plans to meet your company’s unique goals.

Our focused expertise and tailored approach to addressing industry-specific challenges allow R. Reese & Associates to provide better service at a fraction of the cost. While many large firms find it necessary to spend time and resources on developing an understanding of the market, our skilled team already has our finger on the pulse of these industries, which saves us time and money that we ultimately pass on to our clients.

Whether you’re part of an established company that is looking to expand or a smaller company trying to edge your way into the market, R. Reese & Associates provides the expertise and insights that will give you a competitive edge in a competitive market.

“RR&A allows us to feel like we have a general council on staff without bearing that overhead as we grow. Their proactive approach to identifying potential legal issues before they escalate has saved us time, money, and undo stress.”
VP of Operations, Private E&P Company

Core Values

RR&A strives to uphold our Core Values to guarantee an environment that is beneficial for both clients and employees.  Our enthusiasm for our clients is contagious and motivates our attorneys and staff to produce their best quality work. At RR&A, we enjoy providing value, insight, and quality service to those who have entrusted us with their legal needs.  We are committed to building a firm where employees are able to balance their best work to the team and enjoying the personal lives they deserve.

We provide efficient legal services and practical advice that adds value to our clients’ businesses.

We combine in-house and large firm experience, taking a macroview of our client’s businesses while minding the details.

We provide personalized service that meets and then exceeds our client’s expectations. We focus on matching the right person to the specific need and managing our work effectively within the firm. We are forthcoming about our firm’s capabilities and availability so that the best person can complete the task – even if that isn’t us.

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