“You’re going to get personalized service that you don’t receive at larger firms.”

Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer, Start Up E&P Company

“They stay on top of their business and are quick to respond.”

Opposing Counsel

“They didn’t back down when things got rough.”

Managing Partner, Operations, E&P Company

“Their ability to understand all the nuances of complex matters is a huge plus.”

Managing Director, Start Up E&P Company

“RR&A has not only the ability to understand the legal issues, but the business implications as well.”

Chief Commercial Officer, Start Up E&P Company

“If you are a foreign company and eager to gain an in-depth understanding of the US manner, she is the best person who you should ask in the first place.”

Vice President of Finance, Asia E&P Company

“RR&A has come up with some very innovative solutions and strategies… using her firm is probably the most successful outsourcing our company has ever employed.”

CEO & Founder, Private Equity E&P Company

“Rachel is our go-to attorney, because she knows a lot about a lot of things; and if she doesn’t already, she’ll figure it out… which gave us a lot of confidence in her firm.”

Executive Vice President of Land, Private Equity Backed E&P Company

“If you’re seeking an honest, straightforward, and efficient law firm RR&A is definitely the right choice.”

Real Property Owner

“Having R. Reese in my corner relieves some of the stress of dealing with legal situations, knowing we can depend on her expertise.”

CEO & Founder, Private Equity E&P Company

“Rachel Reese can hold her own against a 20-year attorney.”

Vice President General Counsel, E&P Company