“You’re going to get personalized service that you don’t receive at larger firms.”

Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer, Start Up E&P Company

“They stay on top of their business and are quick to respond.”

Opposing Counsel

“I have high confidence that whoever hires this firm will be satisfied.”

Vice President – Operations, Independent E&P Company

“Their ability to understand all the nuances of complex matters is a huge plus.”

Managing Director, Start Up E&P Company

“RR&A has not only the ability to understand the legal issues, but the business implications as well.”

Chief Commercial Officer, Start Up E&P Company

“If you are a foreign company and eager to gain an in-depth understanding of the US manner, she is the best person who you should ask in the first place.”

Vice President of Finance, Asia E&P Company

“When it comes to Oil & Gas operations, give us R. Reese & Associates.”

Executive, E&P Company

“Rachel is our go-to attorney, because she knows a lot about a lot of things; and if she doesn’t already, she’ll figure it out… which gave us a lot of confidence in her firm.”

Executive Vice President of Land, Private Equity Backed E&P Company

“If you’re seeking an honest, straightforward, and efficient law firm RR&A is definitely the right choice.”

Real Property Owner

“Rachel Reese can hold her own against a 20-year attorney.”

Vice President General Counsel, E&P Company

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Vice President General Counsel, Public E&P Company