Commercial Contracts

With decades of experience working for and on behalf of operators, vendors, and customers in the energy sector, the Commercial Contracts team at RR&A has the experience necessary to quickly and efficiently analyze and negotiate the agreements your company needs to carry out its business in the most cost-effective way.  We approach commercial contracts from an in-house perspective – minimize risk, build in repeatability and efficiencies, and always keep your goals and bottom line in mind.  By laying out all of the options and weighing risks/liabilities against reward, we empower our clients to make the most well-informed and best decisions for their company.  No matter your industry, our Commercial Contracts team manages a wide spectrum of contract types, including MSAs, NDAs and CAs, Consulting Agreements, Contract Operating Agreements, Licensing Agreements, and more, as well as bespoke agreements built to fulfill the unique needs of a client.  By utilizing our expertise and experience, our clients’ businesses can thrive while the clients themselves are able to sleep at night.  


"RR&A has not only the ability to understand the legal issues, but the business implications as well."
Chief Commercial Officer, Start-Up E&P Company

RR&A's Commercial Contracts Team Expertise

CAs & NDAs

Compressor Leasing Agreements

Consulting Agreements

Drilling Contracts

Equipment Rental Agreements

Facilities Use Agreements

IT Agreements


Marketing, Transportation, & Processing Agreements


Purchase Orders

Seismic & Data Licenses

RR&A's Commercial Contracts Team

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