“Having RR&A in my corner relieves some of the stress of dealing with legal situations, knowing we can depend on their expertise.”
CEO & Founder, Private Equity E&P Company

The RR&A Transactions team has decades of experience with handling smaller to large transactions, particularly in the energy space, but also including manufacturing, real estate, and construction. Our breadth of experience gives us an edge in preparing sound transactional documents that are crafted to protect your best interests and prevent future liabilities and exposure. Using that knowledge, we empower our clients with insights and informed counsel to make strategic transactions, no matter how big or small.

RR&A's Transactions Team Expertise

Acquisitions & Divestitures

Bills of Sale


Contracts for Sale


Due Diligence

Joint Operating Agreements

Letter Agreements

Letters of Intent

Integration and Post-Closing

Joint Ventures & Special Alliances

Mergers & Acquisitions

Title Conveyances

Purchase & Sale Agreements

RR&A's Transactions Team

Transactions Team News

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