Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds has spent the last twenty years dedicated to providing legal advice and guidance to clients in the energy sector. Starting with legal internships at Shell Oil Company and Anadarko Petroleum during law school and continuing in a law firm and in-house settings through the present day, Matt has experience in nearly every facet of the US oil and gas industry. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in 1999, Matt worked for three years as a legal assistant clerk at BakerBotts LLP before attending law school at the University of Houston. He earned his JD and the Jacqueline Weaver Excellence in Oil & Gas Law award in 2005 before sitting for and passing the Texas Bar.

Following two years of work negotiating and drafting contracts at Anadarko Petroleum, Matt joined Porter Hedges LLP as an associate in its Energy Finance division. In this role, he excelled at drafting and negotiating asset purchase, exploration, joint development, and operating agreements for his E&P clients. After a series of transactions for his client Talisman Energy USA Inc., Matt joined Talisman full-time in their Pittsburgh office as regional counsel for the Eagle Ford. This role covered virtually any type of legal service required by the company, from drafting and negotiating transactions and commercial contracts to litigation and joint venture management.

From 2015 to 2022 Matt served as Vice President and General Counsel for the asset management company Black Falcon Energy, from its founding to the ultimate sale of all managed assets. This broad experience both in-house and in top law firms has helped Matt develop into a versatile and experienced energy lawyer, ready to serve RR&A’s clients. Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, traveling, singing, reading, and doing pro bono editing for aspiring authors.