Special Projects

“RR&A provided the resources we needed to close on our $5 million joint venture to create a commercial helium company.”
CEO, Helium Production Start-up Company

The attorneys at RR&A come from all backgrounds – including in-house, large and small law firm, and landman roles and possess a wide variety of different niche areas of practice and special projects.  If you have a problem, we have likely seen it before and if we haven’t, we are working every day to learn and train to grow our practice area offerings.  We stay up-to-date on the evolving legal profession and related industries to allow us to grow along with our clients.

RR&A's Special Projects Expertise

Battery Energy Storage

Carbon Sequestration & Storage

Construction Agreements


Feedstock Agreements


Helium Production

Renewable Natural Gas



RR&A's Special Projects Team

Special Projects News

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