RR&A's Land and Title Qualifications

This April, RR&A celebrated its 5th anniversary! At its inception, the firm was not intended to be a title firm; it was not until November 2021 that RR&A began offering title services to its clients. However, just because it is a new service to our clients, that does not mean it’s a new practice for our attorneys.

The attorneys at RR&A combine for more than 35 years of title experience. Although our specialties lie in Texas and New Mexico, we also have the licenses (and more importantly, the trusted experience) to issue title opinions in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota. We hold weekly training sessions, both to keep our senior attorneys fresh in their skills and help our newer attorneys grow their experience. The Land and Title Team leader, Jennifer Martin, has taught oil and gas leasing classes at Houston law schools.

RR&A is growing by leaps and bounds to offer the most comprehensive legal services we can, but not at the expense of offering the best quality. Contact us to learn more about RR&A’s expert Land and Title experience.

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