Four Misconceptions About Legal Services

And Why They Are Wrong

Legal Services are too Expensive

Have you ever heard the phrase “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure?” The main function of any good Legal Department is to work to prevent more expensive problems from occurring down the road. So many new clients come to us with a very expensive problem that arose from a badly worded contract or transaction that they did themselves to save money. At RR&A, we efficiently staff our matters to keep costs down while mitigating risk.

It Will Take too Long to Have a Lawyer Look at It

People assume that if they send an agreement to an attorney, it’ll take weeks to hear anything back. Not at RR&A. RR&A prides itself on its responsiveness; in fact, that’s one of the compliments we receive most often from our clients.

The real question you should ask yourself is, “How much of MY time will this take?” If you’re running a business, you have other priorities competing for your time. Why not get that stack of agreements off your desk? Our lawyers are specially trained in these areas and can review your documents in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do it yourself. So what are you waiting for?

A Form I Found on the Internet is Good Enough

Hopefully, we all know by now that anyone can put anything on the internet. While there may be some suitable forms out there, most of the forms you can find on the internet are not going to meet your specific needs or comply with the laws of your jurisdiction.

So often we see new clients come to us with internet forms after an issue has arisen and we must break the news to them that they do not have the protection they think they have. What people don’t consider is that it’s not if, but when you will have to have your forms redrafted. What folks also don’t realize is that it is often more expensive and time consuming to go back and fix the problems that were created by internet forms than it would have been to do them properly in the first place. At RR&A, we know the market and can draft custom agreements that works in your state.

I Only Need a Lawyer if I Get Sued

Lawyers do so much more than just litigate. In fact, most of the work of lawyers around the globe is in an effort to prevent litigation. Sometimes litigation is inevitable, which is why RR&A offers Dispute Management services, but if you are managing your risk appropriately from the very beginning, you’ll spend far less time and money on litigation.

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