The Triangle Model Explained

If you’ve talked to anyone at RR&A lately, you’ve heard about the Triangle Model. RR&A doesn’t operate like a typical law firm. We run our firm like a business and believe that by doing so we deliver exceptional Insight, Value, and Service that you aren’t used to receiving from a conventional law firm.

Instead of forcing our Associates to meet unrealistic expectations that don’t fit their personality types, we play to their strengths. We find that our lawyers naturally fit into one of three roles: the Builder, the Sustainer, and the Maintainer.

Just like other businesses you are used to dealing with, we have salespeople. Those are our Builders. They shine in group situations, love to meet new people, and are happy to be the face of the firm at conferences and events. Chances are if you’ve met an RR&A attorney, they’re a Builder.

We also have Sustainers, similar to an account manager or customer success manager. They’re in charge of keeping our clients happy, managing client projects, and being the point of contact you can rely on to take your call.

Last, but certainly not least, are our Maintainers. Our Maintainers are the backbone of our firm. They are the Associates available to jump on new projects, who create the efficiencies our clients enjoy, and who keep us all up to date on the latest case law and regulations. By splitting  into practice area teams, they can tell you what’s market, what they’ve seen before, and provide the efficiencies that you would normally experience from an in-house Legal Department.

If you’re sick of the old law firm way and ready to try a new way, contact RR&A today.

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