What Can RR&A Do For You?

The number one question we receive from clients is, “Is this something you guys handle?” The answer is simple – “Probably so!”

We consider ourselves to be a fully functioning, full-scale outside Legal Department that could be picked up and placed in a large corporation without skipping a beat. Why split your legal needs across multiple different firms when you can have your own Legal Department at your fingertips, a single phone call away? 

In fact, there is very little RR&A cannot help your business with. Are you purchasing a multi-million dollar asset? We can help with that. Forming a new business? We can help with that. Surface use agreements, title opinions, dispute management, master service agreements, gas marketing agreements, employee handbooks, NDAs – we can help with that, and so much more. Click here to find out what RR&A can do for you.

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