I’m a Beneficial Owner, What Information Do I Have to Report for the CTA?

2024 is here, and now businesses and individuals involved in these businesses have to comply with the CTA’s reporting requirements AND that New Year’s resolution to finally start hitting the gym. The CTA is serious business, but don’t worry; the team at RR&A is here to help. Continue reading for a handy guide on what you need to complete a Beneficial Owner Information Report (“BOI Report”), courtesy of RR&A (you’re on your own with that gym routine, though).

Beneficial Owner Information Report: Required Information

FinCEN BOI Reports require the following information. To make this process easier for all entities submitting BOI Reports, company organization and formation documents should include a requirement for each Beneficial Owner to provide all of the following information:

The BOI Report is simple, but forgetting any of your required information can have serious consequences. To make the process more efficient, RR&A recommends you ask Beneficial Owners for this information in your company formation agreements and make a FinCEN ID to expedite any future reporting. As always, please feel free to contact your CTA experts at RR&A for anything!

Interested in forming your own entity? Download RR&A’s Business Formation Questionnaire to make the process easier.

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