Demand Letters
(And Getting) Results

Often, the first step in getting what you deserve is simply asking for it. However, when it comes to getting paid what you deserve, businesses tend to ignore such requests until they come in the form of a legal demand. As an owner of oil and gas assets, whether working interests, overriding royalties, or mineral rights, you should be prepared to demand and enforce your rights to receive revenue. Whether you are onboarding new assets, an Operator or purchaser has changed, or someone has raised a challenge to your title, a formal legal demand letter is often the most expedient means of getting you put into pay.

RR&A has years of experience crafting legal demands that get results. Our demands convey the right balance of informational and background content with a firm demand for action while maintaining a tone of respect and professionalism. This recipe has proven extremely effective in getting results without precipitating unnecessary further legal action.

As an example, we began working with a minerals company that had been trying unsuccessfully for over a year to be put into pay status with a handful of Operators. We sent out and pursued nine legal demands at an average cost of under $2,000 per demand. These demands yielded over $1.5 million in recovered revenues within a few short months. That’s an ROI of over 8,000 times.

If you are not being properly paid for your interests, don’t wait for the other side to get their act together; contact RR&A so that we can get you what you deserve.

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