Master Service Agreements
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Whether you have just acquired your new oil and gas assets, acquired an operating company with an existing stable of vendors, or are preparing to kick off drilling and development, every operating entity needs to shift its focus to Master Service Agreements (“MSAs”). MSAs are the blueprint agreement for an operator’s relationship with each vendor. They provide the base terms and conditions that will apply to each project that your vendors undertake with you. Without an established MSA (and an associated plan to manage your MSAs), you may find your company at the mercy of vendor-supplied forms, lengthy legal negotiations, one-sided purchase order terms and conditions, and the accounting nightmare of trying to tie rogue invoices to all of the projects that you have underway.

RR&A can prepare template MSAs for your company and help you negotiate them with your suppliers and service providers. But more importantly, we can help establish a holistic approach to your vendor contracting and contract management. Through upfront collaboration and discussion with each client, we can help them understand 1. what they may already have in place, 2. what needs to be fixed and how to fix it, 3. a game plan for rollout to key vendors, and 4. a long-term strategy for record keeping and contract management.

Trying to onboard all of your vendors at once will likely be disastrous. Through a focus on near term needs and key relationships, RR&A can assist with high-grading and prioritization of your vendors to ensure that you have the right parties under contract before you need to call them out.  If you don’t have a contract management procedure in place, RR&A can help you establish new and reasonable standard operating procedures, and upon request, we provide vendor communications, contract organization, and collection, tracking, and reporting services, either on a permanent or short-term basis.  As your organization grows, we can hand off these responsibilities to your own personnel whenever it works for you.

The services that RR&A can provide with respect to your MSAs and contract management program go above and beyond the service that you usually get from most outside counsel. Contact RR&A to help develop a contracting roadmap that emphasizes efficiency, practicality, and, above all, a dedication to service.

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