Monthly Archives: March 2023

Inside Tour of RR&A’s New Website

Inside Tour of RR&A’s New Website written by Rachel Lamphier As RR&A grew by leaps and bounds in 2022, we realized we needed a website overhaul to reflect the values, capabilities, and expertise of our expanding firm.  We want every visitor to understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it.  Any… Read more »

Four Misconceptions About Legal Services

Four Misconceptions About Legal Services And Why They Are Wrong written by Rachel Reese Legal Services are too Expensive Have you ever heard the phrase “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure?” The main function of any good Legal Department is to work to prevent more expensive problems from occurring down the… Read more »

What Can RR&A Do for You?

What Can RR&A Do For You? written by Jennifer Martin The number one question we receive from clients is, “Is this something you guys handle?” The answer is simple – “Probably so!” We consider ourselves to be a fully functioning, full-scale outside Legal Department that could be picked up and placed in a large corporation… Read more »

The Triangle Model Explained

The Triangle Model Explained written by Rachel Reese If you’ve talked to anyone at RR&A lately, you’ve heard about the Triangle Model. RR&A doesn’t operate like a typical law firm. We run our firm like a business and believe that by doing so we deliver exceptional Insight, Value, and Service that you aren’t used to… Read more »

Did you Know the Interesting Things RR&A Does?

Did You Know the Interesting Things RR&A Does? written by Andrew Clinton At RR&A, we not only watch our client’s businesses and operations grow, but we also grow with them and often ahead of them. As part of that process, we have expanded on our base from traditional energy representation to more interesting markets to… Read more »

Get To Know the RR&A Team

Get to Know the RR&A Team written by Rachel Lamphier The RR&A team has years of legal experience, knowledge, and credibility within the energy, financial, real estate, renewables, and technology industries, but do you know these fun facts about them? Rachel Reese is the Founder and Executive Partner of RR&A, but also brings the love… Read more »