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At RR&A, we not only watch our client’s businesses and operations grow, but we also grow with them and often ahead of them. As part of that process, we have expanded on our base from traditional energy representation to more interesting markets to provide additional offerings in lending, real estate, technology, and renewables. The firm prides itself on drafting cutting-edge agreements in these areas that are mindful of the fact that innovation often outpaces traditional legal work and outdated firm models.

In order to prevent that reality, we confer between our clients and other counterparties and their counsel to help draft common sense, business-minded legal documents that focus on prioritizing, facilitating, and supporting operations rather than harping on a few limiting concepts that will derail any possibility of a deal. From negotiating a skiddable helium plant to drafting an agricultural renewable natural gas lease agreement, our firm maintains an ever-growing client base and personnel who are well-equipped to respond to even the most niche representation matters for non-boutique reasonable rates and turnaround times. 

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