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Maintaining Good Standing

Maintaining Good Standing What Do I Need to Do to Stay in Good Standing? written by Miranda Caballero “Good Standing” status means that an entity is properly registered, is up to date on all registration fees and required document filings, and is legally permitted to engage in business activities. Two of the most common issues… Read more »

Avoiding Deadlock

Avoiding Deadlock Why Going 50/50 Can Hurt Your Business Down the Road written by Shannon Almes Forming a business is an exciting and challenging endeavor. In the formation phase, however, one thing that can be overlooked is the allocation of power to ensure decisions can be made efficiently. People often tell us at the outset… Read more »

Do I Need to Consult A Tax Advisor

Do I Need to Consult a Tax Advisor? Tax Preparation for Forming a Business written by Andrew Clinton When forming a new company, clients often ask us, “Do I need to consult a tax advisor?” While it is always a good practice to let your tax consultant know ahead of time about any changes, the… Read more »

Where to Form an Entity?

Where to Form an Entity The Best State to Start Your Business written by Andrew Clinton When selecting where to form an entity, initial considerations should be your place of residence and the site of business operations.  This allows you to avoid filings for an out of state, foreign entity if you’re technically doing business… Read more »

What Type of Entity Do I Need?

What Type of Entity Do I Need? Selecting the Best Type of Company written by Andrew Clinton The first question we usually get when someone wants to form a company is, “What type of company do I need?” In order to answer this question, you will need to consider the proposed future for the entity,… Read more »

Business Formation

Business Formation How to Form a Business Entity written by Andrew Clinton At the beginning of each year, as people seek to fulfill their new year’s resolutions, our clients often consider future opportunities and the prospect of creating their business entity. The task can seem daunting with the myriad of forms to be filed with… Read more »