An Ounce of Prevention

RR&A’s Podcast Segment on the Minerals and Royalties Podcast

The team at R. Reese & Associates has partnered with Tim Pawul on the Minerals and Royalties Podcast to bring you brief legal updates on issues that matter to mineral owners, non-ops, and operators.

FTC Bans Non-Compete Agreements

As seen on the June 6th episode with Jeff Brown

Dormant Mineral Act

As seen on the May 18th episode with Kevin Thuot

Point Energy Partners Permian, LLC v. MRC Permian Co.

As seen on the May 4th episode with James Magee and Russ McGowen, and the May 9th episode with Brandon Junker

American Home Insurance Co. v. Superior Well Services Inc

As seen on the April 14th episode with Darin Zanovich and the April 20th episode with Jim Hatcher

Transparency Act

As seen on the April 2nd episode with Baird Harper and the April 8th episode with Grant Norwood

US v. Osage Wind, LLC

As seen on the March 17th episode with Joel Dryer

Devon v. Enplat II

As seen on the March 4th episode with Jace Graham and the March 10th episode with Thad Toups

Tres C v. Raker Resources

As seen on the February 5th episode with Wil Harris and the February 27th episode with Scott Brinkman

Van Dyke v. Navigator

As seen on the January 14th episode with Chace Daley and the January 30th episode with Luther Ott

Self v. BPX

As seen on the December 26th episode with Matt Gentry and the January 23rd episode with Ahna Mee and Jackie Haney 

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