R. Reese & Associates provides specialized services for companies in the exploration and production sector within the oil and gas industry. By focusing our expertise on this market, we can offer comprehensive, industry-specific guidance without the high price tag often associated with large firms.

Founder Rachel Reese and her team began their work in the oil and gas industry by working for in-house legal teams in exploration and production companies. Through this work, they gained a deep understanding of the unique legal challenges that face companies in this market and realized they could offer better and more efficient services while at the same time reducing the cost to their clients.

By hand-selecting lawyers with complementary strengths, Ms. Reese has assembled a team that, together, is able to successfully address the range of nuanced challenges facing oil and gas companies today. For optimal legal services that provide in-house insight and comprehensive, cost-efficient solutions, R. Reese & Associates is the only true choice.