Disputes that arise from contracts and royalties and between partners can cost a company millions of dollars and turn positive revenue into losses in just a matter of months. Our attorneys have the expertise to help mitigate losses or even reverse them, saving money and time. While practicing due diligence at the initial contract and agreement stages is the best way to avoid litigation, an accomplished legal team like ours can help save money and time if disputes occur later in the partnership. These services typically involve the investigation, negotiation and resolution of disputes involving the following types of partners:

  • Contractors
  • Joint venture partners
  • Midstream companies
  • Neighboring operators
  • Royalty owners
  • Surface owners
  • Working interest owners


Rachel knew all the in’s and out’s of the lease, and how to navigate the gray areas the litigious opposing counsel tried to craft to leave us open to lawsuits.

Executive Vice President of Land