Commercial Contracts

Reese & Associates helps ensure that our clients understand how all the variables of a commercial contract might impact their business. We lay out all the options, weighing risks and liabilities against reward, to empower our clients to make the most well-informed and best decision for their company.

Our knowledge and understanding of exploration and production allow us to quickly identify factors that will have an impact on our clients’ business so that they are equipped to make the decision whether or not to sign on the dotted line. By utilizing our experience and industry knowledge, we provide our clients with the information that not only make their business become successful but thrive.

  • Charter agreements
  • Compressor leasing agreements
  • Confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements
  • Consulting service agreements
  • Drilling contracts
  • Equipment rental agreements
  • IT agreements
  • Marketing, transportation and processing agreements
  • Master service agreements
  • NAESBs
  • Purchase orders
  • Seismic and other data licenses


If you are a foreign company and eager to gain an in-depth understanding of the US manner, she is the best person who you should ask in the first place

Vice President of finance, Asia E&P Company