The oil and gas industry is integral to the Houston economy, and its impact can be felt in energy markets around the globe. For those in the industry, they know that cost and risk management are vital to the success of their business, and the oversight of even the smallest legal matter can be devastating.

     That’s where we step in.

RR&A is an Outsourced Legal Department focused on providing efficient and practical legal counsel to companies in the energy, energy transition, commercial real estate, technology, and finance industries. With decades of experience in large firms and in-house practice, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that face companies in the industry and are able to develop custom plans to meet your company’s unique goals.

Our focused expertise and tailored approach to addressing industry-specific challenges allow R. Reese & Associates to provide better service at a fraction of the cost. While many large firms find it necessary to spend time and resources on developing an understanding of the market, our skilled team already has our finger on the pulse of the industry, which saves us time and money that we ultimately pass on to our clients.

Whether you’re part of an established company that is looking to expand or a smaller company trying to edge your way into the market, R. Reese & Associates provides the expertise and insights that will give you a competitive edge in a competitive market.